About Charlotte

The great-granddaughter of pioneers who walked across the Oregon Trail, Charlotte Rains Dixon considers herself a westerner through and through. Many of her stories are set in her home state of Oregon, where her characters reside in fictional versions of her favorite wine area (Calderwood Grove) and coast towns (Star Haven Beach and Wayfarer Cove),as well as Portland, where she resides. She is the author of the novel Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior, and The Bonne Chance Bakery, as well as the forthcoming titles The Matchmaker’s Temptation and The Journalist’s Passion, both part of the Calderwood Grove series.

When not writing fiction, Charlotte teaches writing in Portland, Nashville, England, the south of France, and on the Oregon Coast. She also coaches writers privately. She is Director Emeritus and a current mentor at the Writer's Loft, a certificate-in-writing program at Middle Tennessee State University. She earned her MFA in creative writing from Spalding University and is the author of a dozen non-fiction books. Her fiction and articles have appeared in numerous publications.  

Charlotte lives with her husband in Portland, Oregon, in a multi-generational home that is by turns boisterous and exuberant but seldom quiet. She believes no breakfast is complete without a crossword puzzle to work and no Happy Hour can actually be happy without popcorn. (Wine goes without saying.) Despite frequent stays in France, she regularly fractures the language. She is, however, fluent in Carney. Charlotte writes stories about places you long to live filled with people you’d love to know.

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Author of the novels The Bonne Chance Bakery and Emma Jean's Bad Behavior. Lover of writing, travel, my family, knitting, popcorn, wine, kitties and pugs.